Core Members

Core Membership represents a greater commitment to the cooperative and brings greater privileges. Core members have unlimited 24/7 access to the studio and ample storage for paper, prints and personal supplies. Core Members participate in a monthly business meeting and are influential in directing the activities and intent of the cooperative. They also have the opportunity to exhibit in member shows throughout the year and display their work on the cooperative’s website. Core Memberships are renewed annually and dues may be paid on a monthly or annual basis.

Roster of Core Members

Anne Cushman
Co-Founder of the Cooperative established in 1998, Past President

Marilyn McPheron
President, member since 2014

Jessica Depp
Vice President, member since 2016

Judith Steele
Treasurer, member since 2004

Jennie Cross
Secretary, member since 2009

Eliana Calle-Saari
member since 2006

Julia DePinto
member since 2017

Barbara Jurjans
member since 2012

Colin Matsumoto
member since 2017

David Pickard
member since 2015

Gary Shaw
member since 2017

Jeff Shaw
member since 2017

Jennifer Slezak
member since 2014

Joan Tallan
member since 1999

Amanda VanDenberg
Member since 2014

Mary Woodworth
member since 2013

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Featured Artist: Cindy Davis

Deep Blue Sea Monoprint-Collagraph-smThe extraordinary thing about printmaking is that it yields multiple examples of art. Like individual birds in a flock, each print is an entity with its own characteristics and at the same time, a participant in an activity. Although each print is fruit of a larger work, it can be savored as an original piece of art.

Cynthia Davis's artistic education has been chiefly self-directed. Her father worked as a commercial artist in his home studio, giving Cindy a home life that promoted her lively interest in visual arts. After graduating from a high school that featured an intensive art program, Cindy chose not to apply to art school and traveled instead.

While living in Palo Alto, California she studied at community art centers and with non-credit programs at the state university. By the time her travels took her to Europe, Cindy had gained an academic and studio education that was a good preparation for the inspiration she found there. While in Italy she was introduced to Padre Diego Donati, a Franciscan artist who became her printmaking teacher. Further studies at the Scuola Internazionale di Grafica in Venice and Florida Atlantic University completed her graphics education.

Carnevale a Venezia Monoprint-Collagraph-smFlood Monoprint-Collagraph-sm

Associate Members

Associate Membership allows a more flexible involvement in the cooperative, and can serve as an introduction to the organization and its members. Associate members enjoy the use of the studio, equipment and supplies during open studio hours or by appointment (subject to monitor availability). Initially, associate members receive instruction on the use of equipment, available supplies and studio guidelines. The Associate membership fee includes either 2 free days of printing or 1 free workshop, additional discounts on studio hours and other workshops, as well as periodic invitations to exhibit with the Core Membership. Associate memberships are renewed annually and hourly fees for any studio time used are billed monthly.

Roster of Associate Members

  • Christine Abbott
  • Rod Bouc
  • Karen Campbell
  • Cindy Davis
  • Bahram Farabaksh
  • Susan Houchin
  • Ellie Hug
  • Donna Jacobs
  • Janette Leonard
  • Ashlee Malloris
  • Keiko Okamoto
  • Kyla Rafert
  • Leigh Stauffer
  • Elizabeth Swartz
  • Rodger Wilson
  • Ying Zhang

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